All times are from offical race qualifying sessions
[Game Setup: K12357HO]






Lap Time

Daniel King 2000 DEK200A/9 Buenos Aires Argentina 1m 32.115s
Daniel King 1997 DEK197B/9 Adelaide Australia 1m 23.935s
Daniel King 1999 DEK199A/1 Bathurst Australia 1m 48.008s
Daniel King 2001 DEK201C/1 Melbourne Australia 1m 30.548s
Daniel King 1999 DEK199A/1 A1-Ring Austria 1m 13.319s
Daniel King 1998 DEK198A/1 Spa-Francorchamps Belgium 2m 00.386s
Daniel King 1999 DEK199A/1 Interlagos Brazil 1m 17.486s
Daniel King 1998 DEK198A/1 Montreal Canada 1m 28.313s
Melanie King 1998 DEK198A/4 Hockenhiem Germany 1m 50.729s
Daniel King 2000 DEK200A/9 Nurburgring Germany 1m 22.316s
Daniel King 1997 DEK197B/9 Hungaroring Hungaroring 1m 26.580s
Daniel King 1998 DEK198A/1 Imola Italy 1m 28.459s
Daniel King 1997 DEK197B/9 Monza Italy 1m 30.435s
Daniel King 1997 DEK197A/9 Aida Japan 1m 17.588s
Daniel King 2000 DEK200A/9 Motegi (Road Course) Japan 1m 44.695s
Richard King 2001 DEK201C/2 Suzuka Japan 1m 35.161s
Daniel King 2000 DEK200A/9 Sepang Malaysia 1m 44.781s
Daniel King 1997 DEK197B/9 Monte Carlo Monaco 1m 29.264s
Daniel King 2000 DEK200A/9 Kyalami South Africa 1m 17.714s
Daniel King 1998 DEK198A/1 Jerez de la Frontera Spain 1m 29.911s
Daniel King 2000 DEK200A/9 Brands Hatch United Kingdom 1m 12.629s
Daniel King 2001 DEK201B/1 Silverstone United Kingdom 1m 25.975s




All times are from offically submitted races, and comply with the rules for LFRS Class G, 1998-1999.



Car Design


Lap Times



Daniel King 19th Oct '98 DEK198A Adelaide Qualifying: 1m 23.301s 33rd
(K12357HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 25.726s 38th
Total Race Time: 52m 22.248s 29th
Daniel King 7th Nov '98 DEK198A Imola Qualifying: 1m 23.301s 29th
(K12357HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 25.726s 32nd
Total Race Time: 41m 45.835s 26th
Daniel King 21st Nov '98 DEK198B Monte Carlo Qualifying: 1m 24.628s 15th
(K1235HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 27.312s 18th
Total Race Time: 54m 00.731s 24th
Daniel King 6th Dec '98 DEK198B Montreal Qualifying: 1m 25.617s 17th
(K1235HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 27.148s 18th
Total Race Time: 46m 21.474s 20th
Daniel King 20th Dec '98 DEK198B Karjala Qualifying: 1m 27.914s 15th
(K1235HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 30.185s 11th
Total Race Time: 40m 06.740s 9th
Daniel King 18th Jan '99 DEK198B Surfers Paradise Qualifying: 1m 35.304s 12th
(K1235HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 38.861s 12th
Total Race Time: 47m 25.241s 14th
Daniel King 28th Jan '99 DEK198B A1-Ring Qualifying: 1m 11.114s 18th
(K1235HO) Race Fastest Lap: 1m 14.648s 17th
Total Race Time: 41m 18.356s 18th