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3rd March, 1999  - Team DAN announce withdrawal from LFRS

Due to time constraints, Team DAN regretfully announce their withdrawal from the 1998/99 LFRS Championship. The team will concentrate on the F1GP2 championship, while we will continue to monitor events in LFRS. Team DAN fully intend to return to LFRS for the first race of the 1999/2000 championship season, either as a single team or an alliance of other teams from other classes.

12th February, 1999  - Setup problems stall performance improvements in Austria

After a successful race at Surfers Paradise, in which Daniel King set his personal best qualifying performance, the team was disappointed with there results at the A1-Ring. Daniel commented: "We just had very little time to practise on the circuit, what with pressures of preparing for the F1GP2 race at Bathurst and settling in a new driver. So in the end our setup wasn't as ideal as those say for Karjala or Surfers for example. On the Bright side, we seem to have held onto our positions in all the championships." Daniel finished 18th and Gareth Stocks completed the race in 33rd position

17th January, 1999  - New Driver for Class G

Following Andrew Foley's decision to leave Team DAN, we are happy to announce that UK driver Gareth Stocks while be competing for Team DAN for the next two races. Gareth has had two years experiance driving GP2 cars for his own Tetley's team and we are confident that he will be an excellent substitute driver for Andrew, who is forced to leave the Team as he will shortly be joining the Army. Team DAN will test drive Richard King in the DEK198B at the Nurburgring and it is hoped that he will take over from Gareth for the remaining races following Round 8 at Mexico.

23rd December, 1998  - Top Ten Finish for Team DAN at Karjala!

Daniel King brought home his DEK198B into a glorious tenth place at Karjala Raceway for the Finnish Grand Prix. The result shatters the record set at the last race at Montreal and establishes Team DAN as a competitive force in Class G. Despite Andrew Foley's failure to finish, Team DAN celebrated their position which comes after extended testing by both drivers. The result moves Team DAN into 18th place in the Class G Championship, ahead of Jungle Fever Racing and just one point behind Hillcrest. Daniel King moves up from 30th to 22nd in the championship, and 13th place in the Fast Lap championship.

10th December, 1998  - Montreal results show potential

Team DAN finally achieved a top 20 finish in the LFRS Canadian Grand Prix with Daniel King running strongly in the DEK198B. Unfortunately, Andrew Foley crashed out on lap 16 having tangled with a back marker. Daniel commented: "I am quite happy with our progress, as we are going better and better each race. I hope to get a top ten finish out of the next 4 races". Daniel has begun testing at Karjala raceway, and has already set some good laptimes

29th November, 1998  - Monaco Results show improvement for team

Daniel King set his personal best in qualifying for the recent Monaco GP. The improved DEK198B set Daniel his quickest lap at 1:24.628 which was good enough for 15th on the grid. The team is now looking forward to Montreal, which should allow the new car to be used to its full potential.

23rd November, 1998  - Monaco session declared a disaster

Saturday's LFRS Monaco GP ended in tears for both our drivers, with traffic problems causing chaos for Daniel and Andrew. Daniel, who was using the new Team DAN DEK198B, ran without Traction Assistance with varying degrees of success for most of the first half of the race. However, when back markers began to appear, Daniel had to struggle to keep the car out of the wall. He told us "I had just about got used to running without Traction Assistance, but by going off-line to lap traffic, the brakes would lock early, and the rear end would then snap away under acceleration. Altogether, I would lose about 4 seconds for every attempt I made to pass. Then, when I did get part way through, some idiot decided he would move off the racing line and rammed me into the armco. The whole thing was a bloody shambles." Andrew too suffered problems, although he was held up as a result of qualifying sixteenth, because testing resources were allocated to the new DEK198B. Andrew had earlier decided to race with Traction Assistance turned on, following problems during testing, and commented afterwards, "I got a good start, and moved up to ninth, but then I lost my front wing when trying to overtake, so I had to pit in. I was able to catch back up in about three or four laps, but I really struggled to get past the cars in front. When I was lapped, I knew that I had more or less blown it, but I kept pushing on really worn tyres to try get as many points as I can."

16th November, 1998  - LFRS Testing

Daniel King and Andrew Foley have begun testing at Monte Carlo, prior to the LFRS Monaco GP on the 22nd of November. Both drivers have been disappointed with their poor results so far, which Daniel has attributed to the fact that most competitors run without Traction Assistance (F7). Daniel stated "Their appears to be a significant performance advantage between those who use TA and those who don't. If you look at the results, you will see that I finished third out of those who used TA at Imola and Andrew was seventh. Unfortunately, there are thirty or so guys in front of us who really don't care!, so we shall have to do something to even out the odds a little."

8th November, 1998  - Imola race submitted

Daniel King and Andrew Foley have each completed their LFRS Imola races. Submission problems for Andrew may yet mean that our results are provisional, however Daniel's results have been submitted and he is confident that they will be an improvement on his 31st placing at Adelaide.

7th November, 1998  - Second Team DAN LFRS driver

Following a Team DAN practise session at the Malaysian Johor circuit, we are happy to announce that Andrew Foley will be joining the Team DAN LFRS racing division for the remaining races of the LFRS 98/99 Season. Andrew, who has raced for the team this season in the F1GP2 series, will compete in the Class G division and will make his debut at this weekend's Imola Grand Prix. Andrew is hopeful that he can achieve some good results and help the team to develop into a competitive package in LFRS. Although class G is now full, we still have vacancies in other classes. Anyone wanting to race for Team DAN in the LFRS league should email us with their details.

19th October, 1998 - Daniel completes LFRS Australian GP.

Daniel King has sucessfully completed Team DAN's first ever LFRS Grand Prix. Daniel competed in the Class G category and managed to set a good qualifying lap at 1m 23.301s. He later went on to complete the 36 lap race in 52m 22.248s, leading from start to finish. Daniel later told us, "I think I ran a fairly competitive qualifying session, although I struggled a lot with the brakes locking to start, but once I adjusted the car setup a little the lock-ups occoured less, so I could run quicker. The race went okay, and I benefitted a lot from my recent experiance on the Adelaide circuit in the last F1GP2 Champ Race". Daniel's results have been submitted and Team DAN is now awaiting confirmation of the race positions from LFRS, due after the 26th of this month.

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16th October, 1998 - Team DAN joins LFRS.

Team DAN have joined the internet GP2 racing league LFRS. Team owner Daniel King commented, "We shall take part in as many races as possible, although we intend mainly to use the league as a way of measuring our performance directly with other drivers and teams. That said though, I think we have the capacity to produce some strong performances in whatever formula we end up racing in." Anyone wanting to race for Team DAN in the LFRS league should email us with their details and we will try our best to include them.